The Ultimate Guide to Berberlin Wool Rug Care


When you first receive your rug, if it’s a new wool rug, it will release a lot of fibres. It is normal as your new wool rug will take some time to settle in a new place. Fibres are interweaving so they need some time and walking over it helps the wool to create a strong connection. Losing fibres is normal and healthy just be soft on the vacuuming as we will explain further down. It will lose fewer fibres over time but it will always release a little bit. If you are allergic to wool consider buying a Boucherouite that is made out of cotton. 


How do you vacuum your wool rug?

You should vacuum your rug often but with soft settings. Use medium power to vacuum your Berberlin wool rug. See in what direction the fibres of your wool rug go and vacuum in each direction. If your vacuum cleaner has no setting options and you think might be too harsh on your wool rug, you can also turn it around for a few days and gravity will bring the dust to the floor.

How can you beat your wool rug to get the dust and debris out?

Use a rug beater and firmly tap your wool rug around every spot and you’ll notice the dust and debris flying out. A good method is to hang the wool rug and beat it so the debris falls to the floor. If possible, do this outside your home. We recommend doing this when it’s sunny so your wool rug can also get some air and sun. Sun is very good because the protein and keratin of the wool fibre need sun.

How can you clean your wool carpet?

Steer away from using any harsh chemicals as they might interfere with the rug’s colouring (especially for vintage rugs). Wool fabric can stretch up to 30%. To keep your rug elasticity and longevity, we recommend natural products that don’t damage the wool. Wool fibres being animal fibres are self-cleaning so an acidic PH is recommended to keep the wool properties. 

Berber Rugs are handcrafted with special weaving patterns. Be careful using too much water while cleaning it because it can cause mould if it’s not dried enough.  

An alternative to cleaning products would be a vegetable oil-based soap that can get rid of stains without damaging the wool.

Can you put your small wool rugs in the washing machine?

 We advise against using a washing machine to clean a small rug. Your rug can get easily damaged so we don’t recommend it. Sensitive natural fibres do not like rough mechanical cleaning. You can use a small brush to brush your wool rug and get your rug professionally clean like we advise further down. 

When should you get your wool rug professionally cleaned?

We say it depends on your wool rug care. Wool rugs that are routinely cared for should also be substantially and professionally cleaned once every two years. Depending on your wool rug care you might not need a professional cleaning for a long time. There are a lot of factors that can play into this. If you have animals, if you walk with your shoes over it, etc.  Taking care of your wool rug is key to making your carpet more durable.

More tips and tricks to make your carpet last longer:

Try to not step on your wool rug when wearing shoes as this will get outside debris into your precious carpet.

Another trick is to rotate your rug every 6 months so it wears evenly. 

Getting a rug pad is not only a great idea to stop your rug from slipping around on the floor, but also act as a barrier between the rug and the floor which will keep it from wearing through as quickly.  

If you have a balcony, it might be a good idea to put your carpet outside in the sun. When your rug has been exposed to some unwanted moisture, some time out in the sun can help air it out and dry it quickly. Not to mention, UV radiation is also a natural microbe killer. The key is not to overdo it. 


We hope you learned how to care for your wool rug with our tips. In conclusion, our Berber Rugs are special because they are handcrafted and made of 100% natural fibres. Wool fibres are self-cleaning so you can take a soft approach when cleaning and vacuuming your wool rug. As wool is a very sustainable material, with our advised best practices your wool rug will last you a lifetime and can be passed along generations to come. How did you like our wool rug care tips? 




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