Berberlin Friends Corner 

A shared creative Space

There is nothing that inspires me more than Creativity. It was when studying Fine Arts, that for the first time in my life, I really felt, I belong. 

Being surrounded by conceptual thinking, wild ideas, abstract or surreal realities and beautiful creations, made me feel alive. And I truly believe that without art, this life is incredibly bland and boring. Another great source of Inspiration is travel. And when I travel I enjoy discovering the creativity of the places I visit. On a recent trip to Paris I was not only in love with the beauty of the city art and architecture, the seemingly effortless chique women and all the delicious food. But I was also reminded how much you it brings to discover things in real life.

And it brought me to another thought.

In times where retail space has become expensive and the dream of opening a small shop or gallery seems utopian, it is only normal that artists and makers rely on social media as their exhibiting space. 

And that is great. I am a huge fan of social media when done and consumed consciously. After all Berberlin wouldn’t have come into existence without it. But Social Media has become a job in itself and it requires hours of dedicated work to be seen and registered by the algorithm. 

Long story short. 

We have a beautiful big space in the middle of Berlin Kreuzberg and we have an amazing following on Instagram of art, design and craft loving people, with an appreciation for the handmade.

So here we are, happily sharing our space with those that dare to create, make, design and imagine beautiful worlds. I am such a fan! People who take risks, who dedicate hours, days, months and years to making things to add beauty to our lives. You are my heroes. And The world needs You!

So from now on we are offering a corner in our Space on a monthly basis, to Artists, Makers, Crafters and Founders.

We offer a package for the usage of our Retail Space and Social Media coverage. Because it isn’t called Social Media for nothing. 

We are happily receiving Applications for our Space via mail

Thank you all for supporting small business and makers.


We celebrate you!



Our amazing shelves were build to perfection by carpenter extraordinaire :

Nicolene Van der Walt. Design by me.




Berber Rugs


Kelim Rugs


Vintage Rugs