We are Julia, Walid and Junes and since September this year, Hedi and Leyf, as  Junes had two Twin Brothers.

We are Berberlin, a family business based in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

We sell beautiful Berber Rugs which we produce or source and import from Walid's home country Tunisia as well as Morocco.

Out of our growing passion for Interiors, colors and the berber culture, we decided to leave our Jobs as Civil Engineer and Photographer behind to build up a business following our new endeavor, basing it on the values we believe in. 

We believe in building up a sustainable business, we believe in the talent and work of the berber women, we believe in fair pay, in using natural and sustainable products, and we believe that handcrafted objects have more personality, with all their beautiful  imperfections than anything mass produced. We believe in supporting the traditional arts and crafts, in giving back to a culture which has hard battles to fight. We love interiors and think creating a home that gives comfort and makes you feel good is essential. We also believe in being good role models for our son and in having enough time for him and our family. We love to travel, we are curious and this is reflected int he way we decorate our own home as well as what we choose to offer through Berberlin.

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Love & Peace
Julia & Walid