Kelim Rug “Setti” – Berberlin
Modern, designer, handcrafted Berber rug from Morocco. Kelim carpet with beautiful designs and robust flat weave. 100% wool.

Kelim Rug “Setti”

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These beautiful Berberlin Kelims are made of 100 percent sheep's wool. They are woven and then embroidered, which makes them especially thick and quite robust.

Fusing contemporary design and traditional technique, entirely made by hand, these carpets are full of incredible detail, in a quality which shall last a lifetime.

Chairs can be easily moved back and forth on these flat woven rugs, making them an excellent choice to put under a desk or dining table.

Natural wool is antibacterial and anti-flammable, self cleaning and they absorb odours and are natural air filters. The lanolin of sheep wool is like a natural protective layer, so food and stains are less likely to penetrate the fibre.

In a beautiful blue and white design, this Kelim will make a great addition to any interior, whether boho, scandi or minimalist bauhaus.