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Azilal is the capital of the Moroccan province of Azilal.
Azilal is also a Berber rug that can be made either from raw sheep's wool mixed with cotton or created mainly from cotton. They are horizontally woven with a grid and a line of knots, which make them easily recognizable. The fibres of this authentic, relatively short carpet are made from a sharper wool that makes this carpet less dense than the Beni Ourain rug, but no less soft or comfy.

The making of Azilal rugs, like other Berber rugs, is a skill specific to the Berber woman of the tribes of Morocco. The design of Berber carpets for domestic purposes allows women weavers to create freely by playing with shapes and colours while following their ideas and intuition.
The artistic and powerful expression of Berber women, visible on the Azilal carpets, floods the family's living rooms with an exceptional aura and makes their interior unique.

The carpets created spontaneously by Berber women are the most original and really stand out from the pieces made in the classic market.
Particular attention is paid to the Azilal rug, right down to the finishing touches, in order to obtain a silky wool and to ensure perfect quality.
As you may have understood, the Azilal rug, a unique, rare and prized rug, requires a lot of careful work.
Whether it is intended to cover your wall as a decorative element or to cover your floor, this Berber carpet will embellish your interior decoration.



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