How to Choose A Rug For Your Living Room


How to choose a rug for your living room? A question that might seem easy to answer but is actually a subject a lot of our customers ask us about. Since it can be an overwhelming process due the large selection at hand, we at Berberlin, have decided to share with you the ultimate guide to choosing a rug for your living room.

In these few steps, we hope to help you narrow down your choices and get you closer to your rug match.

Start or end with your rug

A rug is the unifying element that pulls a room together so it’s very wise to start the blank canvas of your living room with the rug and choose everything else to complement it.


You can also end with it: after assembling your furniture and art pieces and so on...pick a rug accordingly.  Pay attention to the colours and patterns already present in the room and choose your rug in a way for it to be a homogenous addition.

 Consider your living space’s flooring 

Your living room’s flooring can help narrow your choices when looking for a rug:


For wooden floors: 

Hard wooden floors provide a beautiful base for your living space and a wool rug is a perfect match to it: it adds to the elegance of it but does not overshadow it. Pick colours that complement the wood floor and don’t clash with its tones. 

Here are some of our clients’s picks for their wooden floors:


rug visit



For concrete floors:

Concrete floor is often dark toned which makes it a perfect base and makes a wool rug your getaway into coziness and color. Larger rugs are also a way to divert attention from concrete as it is not necessarily the cosiest feeling or looking floor. Layering two or more rugs on top of each other is also a fun and creative way of extending the rug space but not sticking with just one rug.



Don't be afraid of colour!

Living room furniture can often lack color and lean more towards earth tones (wood, black and white) and a wool rug can be your chance to indulge in a bit (or a lot!) of color.

It might be a safe choice to stick to a white or off-white wool rug but do not be afraid of giving your space a pop of color you won’t necessarily find in pieces of furniture. A colourful rug distributes color and warmth evenly throughout the room.  



Size matters 

When picking a rug, you have to have your living room measurements at hand so you would know which rug size works best for your space.



 Generally a living room rug should not appear to be too small compared to its surroundings as this defeats the purpose of it being one of the centrepieces of the room. Size also depends on your vision for the you want the rug to be complementary to the floor or do you want your rug to be your floor(for example: an XL rug)?


Photo Credits : @jennibaumminuks


Photo Credits : @nikejane on Instagram

  • Placement ideas 
  • When placing a rug, aim for symmetry.



    The placement, of course, depends on the size of the room and the positioning of the furniture. There are logical places for a rug to be in : in front of the sofas and under a centred coffee table or under the sofa... But the key is to not shy away from experimenting and trying out different positions however unusual they might seem at first. Stick with what looks good to your eye and feels right... Intuition is your best friend.

    Get inspired by our clients’s rug placements: 


    Photo credits : @nikejane on Instagram


    Photo credits :@maison_strasbourg on Instagram

     So there you have it! We hope to have answered your questions on how to choose a rug for your living room. From colours, sizing and positioning there are many things to consider! 

    Choosing a rug for your living room is no easy task but our Berberlin team wishes to make it easier for you through these tips and inspire you to pick the perfect rug for your living room. 

    Text: Nour Regaya, Nicole Salgado

    Images: Berberlin Instagram, Berberlin Rug Visits



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