How to Choose a Rug for Your Bedroom

How to choose a rug for your bedroom? A bedroom is one’s personal and utmost private space and in addition to reflecting your character and encapsulating everything about you , it should radiate warmth and provide comfort for you to unwind and recharge. A rug can be exactly what you need to give your room that coziness and homey feeling. Here are some tips to help you figure out how to choose a rug for your bedroom.

where to place a rug in your bedroom?

This might seem like a simple question but it’s worth giving it a thought. The first step on how to choose a rug for your bedroom is think of where you should place it.  Do you want your bed to sit on the rug or your nightstands and some extra and some furniture? Do you want to lay the rug next to your furniture? There are a few possible ways to style your rug. 

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  1. Your bed and nightstands sit on the rug . The rug should be placed perpendicularly to your bed so there is space to lay your feet when you step off the bed. Plus points: doesn’t only look good it also keeps your feet warm.
  2. The entire bed with its nightstands and any extra furniture that might sit at the foot of the bed (For example: a bench. Consider a large wool rug that can include all these elements. Take a look at what our customer here opted for:
  3. Only the two bottom thirds or half of the bed sits on the rug...leaving the head of the bed frame and the nightstands sitting on the bare floor. 
  4. Only the bottom third of the bed sits on the rug...this option leaves your bed sitting mostly on bare floor and most of the area rug will be out in the space not covered by the bed. 
  5. The rug is completely out of the bed area: it can be in front of it or on the side. Get inspired by our customers’s bedroom rug placements:

Suggestion: You can also opt for a runner on each side of your bed if you are looking for more but aren’t willing to go big with a full sized rug.

If bed is in tighter space, you can put the rug on the free side or in front of it. 

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In addition to all of these positions, you can also intuitively pick a spot that looks good to you but just make sure it works well with your environment. No placement is final! We always advise our customers to change the placement of the rugs every now and then and this freshens up the surroundings . Tilt your rug a little bit and you have a new bedroom setup that feels new and fresh!

What Size? 

How to choose a rug for a big bedroom? A bigger room gives you the opportunity to choose many rugs if you like - to layer and mix and match. If your bedroom is large, it’s important to not throw off the big dimensions of the room by choosing a rug that is too small in case you want to style it placing it under your bed and so on. This is where measuring your bed and area comes in handy. Check the measurements and choose a rug that will work well in the area.

Photo credits: @jochenarndt on Instagram 

 This doesn't mean you can't choose a small rug for your bedroom. You can go big or small, if you place it next to your bed. Check a few examples of our small and medium size wool rugs in different client bedrooms. 

Photo credits: @jennibaumminkus on Instagram


If you have a sideboard, piece of art, and/or a closet in your bedroom, try placing a wool rug in front of it.  So stylish making an area of your bedroom stand out. Like the examples below in the Berberlin Home.

If you’re one of those who have a desk in their room, think about putting a sturdy Kelim rug underneath it so it can keep your feet warm while you do write emails. 

 That's a wrap! Our Berberlin team hopes to have answered all your questions on how to choose a rug for your bedroom. With the help of our tips, the photo inspirations and your own taste and preferences, you can find the perfect berber rug for your bedroom.   

Text: Nour Regaya, Nicole Salgado

 Images: Berberlin Instagram, Berberlin Rug Visits



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