Modern Designer Berber Teppich Vintage Kelim  Mehrfarbig Gemustert

Kelim “Aziz”
335x155 cm

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A beautiful oversized Kelim rug with a complex weave of patterned lozenges on a horizontal grid giving "Aziz" a traditional and symbolic design. A mixed-media work of sorts with its natural wool and plant dyed fibres and handwoven silver sequins making the "Aziz" a shimmering contemporary creation. Sequins have been traditionally used for sophisticated ceremonial use, such as weddings. A gorgeous a large boho addition to your living room or shared areas.


Type:  Kelim rug

Origin:  Tunisia

Material: 100% Sheep's Wool

Made/Realised:  By hand

Colour/s: Plant based dyed red, with hints of green, orange, yellow and pink