Beniourain Rug "Naifa" – Berberlin
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Beniourain Rug

Beniourain Rug "Naifa"

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The contemporary "Naifa" is a unique Beniourain rug with the charm and quality of a berber rug. With its special pile of natural sheep's wool, the "Naifa" rug is of superior quality and is soft and fluffy underfoot. Hand-knotted with the natural wool hue coming through in its featured lozenge grid and tasselled edging. The "Naifa" is a charming Beniourain rug whose neutral white gives an unique charm. 

Each Berber rug has been sustainably made with raw materials to create durability to be used for many years, using the same traditional techniques that have been past down from generation to generation throughout antiquity.

Type:  Beniourain Rug

Origin:  Morocco + Atlas Mountains

Material: 100% Sheep's Wool

Made/Realised:  By hand