Azilal Rug “Nola” – Berberlin
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Azilal Rug “Nola”

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A rare neutral tone Azilal rug of cream with a black design protruding. Its particularly thin weave also makes this oversized Berber somewhat unique for its region. Made from virgin raw wool and natural dyes, "Nola" has been skillfully woven by hand in a tradition that Berber mothers pass down to daughters for generations. With bold geometric patterns, classic diamond motifs, eclectic zig-zags and wonderfully feature design. It's 100% wool makes it easy to care for and naturally dirt resistant.

Type:  Azilal Rug

Origin:  Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Material: Sheep's Wool with some cotton

Made/Realised:  By hand

Colour/s: Cream with black