Azilal "Madiha"

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Our Azilal "Madiha" rug is made from virgin raw wool and naturally dyed. Skillfully woven by hand in a tradition that mothers pass down to daughters for generations, our "Madiha" is a plush large rug with a colourful bold geometric pattern. It's 100% wool makes it easy to care for and naturally dirt resistant, making it a perfect addition to a busy living area or kids room. 


Type:  Azilal Rug

Origin:  Morocco +Atlas Mountains 

Material: 100% Sheep's Wool

Backing:  100% Wool

Made/Realised:  By hand

Colour/s: Cream/white (natural undyed sheep’s wool) with teal, pink, purple, and brown woven patterns

Production Time:  Approximately 2 - 4 weeks

Height/Width:  245cm x 165cm