Berber Teppiche - Handgemacht - Pattern - pflanzlich gefärbte Wolle - Atlas Moutains - 100% natural

Azilal "Zaid"

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Azilal is a region known for densely decorated geometric tribal design, and our beautiful "Zaid" doesn't fall short. Displaying a bold and colourful composition, which is then elegantly contrasted by the chich soft and natural white wool, makes this playful number perfect for the children's room or to help brighten up your living area interior. 

Type:  Azilal rug

Origin:  Morocco + Atlas Mountains

Material:  Wool and cotton 

Backing:  100% Cotton 

Made/Realised:  By hand

Colour/s: Cream/white (undyed sheep's wool), with orange, red, green, white, blue, maroon and purple patterns with hints of pink, grey and black wool 

Production Time:  Approximately 2 weeks

Height/Width:  240cm x 135cm