Vintage Rugs

Featuring beautifully aesthetic bold designs and colours these vintage mid-century rugs are one-of-a-kind and authentic.

Like all our rugs at Berberlin, each vintage rug has been carefully selected for authenticity and quality ensuring the excellent condition of each rug.

Handwoven using traditional Berber weaving techniques, using 100% wool which has been coloured using a natural dying approach, often using plants and spices, these rugs are tout naturel!

Historically these vintage rugs would have been used as bedding and blankets alongside keeping the room warm and well insulated. Wool is also naturally water resistant, stain resistant and easy to clean, which is why they are such a predominant household feature (and this is naturally an important element for a nomadic tribe too!). 

A vintage Berber is also a great alternative offering a soft and more muted colour palette than your more modern Kelim or Azilal, whilst still maintaining a contemporary demeanour - a beautiful and unique addition to your home!


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