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Vintage Azilal Rug "Gazala"

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Doesn't "Gazala" look like a work of art? In fact, Berber rugs aren't only traditionally used for warming the home floor, but as blankets and decorative wall hangings. We think this is a great example of technicality used in the Berber hand weaving tradition. The symbolic patterns are often tales told by the weaver of life, spirituality and marriage, and this rug serves its fair share. 

On a background of red with patterns of faded purple, creams, sage and orange. We love horizontal detail on each end in the same colour, finished with a black border and tassels. 

Each Berber rug has been sustainably made with raw materials to create durability to be used for many years, using the same traditional techniques that have been past down from generation to generation throughout antiquity. 

Type: Azilal Rug

Material: Wool 

Origin: Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Colours: Maroons, reds, purple, orange, sage and black