Schöner vintage Kelim - Berber Teppich aus Marokko - Farbig - rot, Pfirsich, Bordeaux, Schwarz und Beige.

Vintage Kelim 'Fatih'

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Size:190 x 400

Colours: black, soft tones in blush, peach and light red dyed with natural plant dyes

Materials: natural sheeps wool

Origin: Atlas Mountains, Morocco



This beautiful Kelim hails from the sixties, its colours are wonderfully bleached by the sun and old age and have left a subtle tonal palette of blush, peack, bordeaux, black and beige. I see it under a dining table..maybe an old one with modern chairs or the other way around? I think this antique Berber Rug would work well in a modern environment to bring some depths and character.  In an Altbau surrounded by Antiques it could also add some warmth and personality.