Berber Teppiche - Handgemacht - Pattern - pflanzlich gefärbte Wolle - Atlas Moutains - 100% natural

Kelim "Nora"

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"Nora" has a bright & playful colour palette which is seen with Kelim rugs. Intricately hand woven "Nora" is bought to life with its colourful motifs & patterns. Its natural wool fibres ensure quality which makes this Kelim perfect for busy rooms such as the living room or a playful addition to the kids room.

Type:  Kelim rug

Origin:  Tunisia

Material: 100% Sheep's Wool

Backing:  100% Wool & cotton

Made/Realised:  By hand

Colour/s: Green with oranges, cream, blues, maroons & hints of black and whites

Production Time:  Approximately 2-4 weeks

Height/Width:  220cm x 160cm