Rug Visits: Vintage Paradise at Lise Scott Home – Berberlin

Rug Visits: Vintage Paradise at Lise Scott Home

Lise Scott is a fun Soul. Working as a high-profile nanny, with open arms and witty humor, she received us in her home in Prenzlauer Berg, entertaining us with her stories from around the globe. Lise grew up in London and has lived in Milan, Paris, and is now calling Berlin home.

We found out Parisian babies are more stylish than Berliner babies (are we surprised though?). But Parisian mums/ baby carers (fewer mums, more nannies) could take a dose of Berlin’s relaxedness with little ones. Watch our fun interview with Lise on this IGTV.

Lise is also a vintage collector, curating her beautiful finds in her home. She told us her favorite places to find funky lamps and designer treasures: Instagram vintage furniture stores, eBay Kleinanzeigen & flea markets in Berlin.

Her first vintage love was a salmon-colored sofa she got from Barcelona through Instagram.

We asked the hobby collector about her inspiration. She shared that her style is a mix between Mediterranean and New Yorker homes. Two places she funnily enough didn’t live at. Her secret for everything going well together is surrounding herself only with things she loves, including her Berberlin Rugs of course.

She has three Berberlin rugs. The most recent is a colorful Kelim that tied a charming lounge section in her bedroom together.

Lise also has amazing lamps and an even more exquisite taste for wine and somehow seems to find all the best food places wherever she goes.

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Photography: Ailine Liefeld
Video: Nicole Salgado
Text: Nicole Salgado, Julia Shauenburg-Kacem